Who Are You Working With?

Have you ever been around incompetent people? Maybe you’ve actually worked with some or even worse they were your supervisors.  

Here’s the thing about incompetence. It carries the same sort of momentum that working with competent people does.

When you’re surrounded with competent people, you tend to become more competent yourself. And of course the opposite is true.

If you surround yourself with incompetent people you become incompetent and “incompetent momentum” takes over the organization. The “Peter Principle” is when someone gets promoted above their competency or ability level.

Too often in business, people get promoted based on how they have performed in another position or who they are related to. It happens all the time in the car business.

Joe, who can sell 20 cars a month, becomes a sales manager. Then Joe becomes the General Sales Manager and then we wake up one day and Joe is the GM and we ask, “How did that happen?”

Either you need to surround yourself with competent people or go someplace else that actually has competent people.

To do anything less is incompetent. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs