You, The Fireman

Always putting out fires? Such a shame. So much time wasted. Non-productive time on those darn fires.

Think about a real fire. Most fires are started due to carelessness. The fires you fight are the same way. 

Someone is careless and thus, you get to fight the fire.

Fighting fires takes away from time that could be so much more productive. Productive building your team. Productive building your business. Productive building your bottom line. If you’re to be more productive you have to eliminate the fires.

The fires you fight are more often than not a result of someone either not knowing or not doing.

If someone doesn’t know, that’s your fault. If someone isn’t doing what they know how to do, that’s also your fault.

You’re creating your own fires. I’m thinking that’s called arson. It’s not about putting out the fires. It’s about fire prevention so that the fire alarm never goes off.

That’s not going to happen until you take responsibility for fire prevention training.

Fire prevention is about coaching and teaching your team on the “why and the how” and then setting expectations.

Anything less puts you in the fire. Enjoy the heat. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs