What others are saying...

“In 20 Years this was the best information on used vehicles.  Tommy cuts through the clutter and brings great ideas and energy to the meeting!”

Randy Oakley

First Avenue Chrysler, Cedar Rapids

Vice President

“I’ve heard many speaker in my 29 years in the Automobile business.  Tommy Gibbs is as well prepared and motivated as anyone that I’ve ever heard..  He’s FANTASTIC!”

Richard Fults

Lock Haven

Used Car Manager,

“Great presentation.  This guy really knows what he is talking about!”
Jason Bass, General Sales Manager, Park Mazda, Akron, OH.
“I now think totally different in how I buy cars and profile my inventory.”

Dan Dunn

Powell Chevrolet

General Sales Manager

“I am not ashamed to tell you that 3 years ago, my used vehicle department was in the red. As a result of attending this workshop and implementing Tommy’s used vehicles strategies, my dealership made a dramatic turnaround, generating an excess of $350,000 net profits in the used car department one year later. I attribute this turnaround directly to Tommy’s workshop and the fact that my key management team attended the workshop with me.”

Desmond Roberts President

Advantage Chevrolet


Everything is going really good, thanks to your emails. They keep me on track and in process mode. We are pacing 340 units, 160 new 180 used and over $1 million in variable gross with 7 days to go. U/C record sales here back in the 90’s was 158 units. Thanks for your continued support and tips of development. They are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Engineering Analysis

Nimnicht Auto

Group Sales Director

“This is the second time I’ve attended Tommy’s workshop. Well worth the time. High value workshop. Good the first time and even better the second. The guy is amazing.

Julius Libutti, GSM

Thompson Toyota, Doylestown, PA