About Tommy Gibbs

Tommy Gibbs is the President of Tommy Gibbs & Associates specializing in Leadership Skills and Used Vehicle Management.

Tommy Gibbs has over 23 years experience as a New Car Dealer. Mr. Gibbs is a former Marine, High School Football Coach and refereed NCAA College Basketball for 17 years.

Tommy is an in-demand speaker at dealer Twenty Groups, State Conventions and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention, where he has consistently earned top rankings from standing-room only audiences.

His ideas and concepts have been developed over the years through trial and error. In the early 80’s as a Pontiac-Volvo dealer he had to be in the used car business in order to survive.

He teaches how to get it done, not philosophical text book material. He’s been there and really done that! He’s a dynamic speaker and has an incredible passion for the business.

Tommy spends the bulk of his time working shoulder-to-shoulder with dealership owners and managers, helping them improve their organization’s performance, profitability, productivity and leadership skills.

Though Tommy’s recognized area of expertise is the automobile business, his emphasis is always on helping leaders implement cutting edge ideas, technology, and processes through the use of leaderships skills that create buy in rather than buy out.

Tommy shares his insights through weekly newsletters that reach thousands of leaders inside and outside the automobile business. His purpose: Engage and remind leaders of what’s important, what’s right (not who’s right) and what they might have forgotten.

Tommy helps leaders recognize that the “u” in success is really all about you—that is, who you can influence, who you can positively affect and who you can inspire to reach the next level and beyond.