Giving And Getting

I’m often asked, do I write the newsletters or does someone do it for me? Really? Of course I write it. If you know my personality, you know I write just like I talk.

It’s important to keep in mind that if I’m not doing a workshop, coaching a client, or speaking at a 20 group meeting or convention, my mind is very much focused on two things:

1. How to help you sell more new & used vehicles.
2. How to develop better leadership skills for the industry I so love.

Most of my ideas and things I write about come from observations in dealerships, coaching conversations I have with many of you and from things I see and read. Something will happen in my travels and my brain goes, “Ahh, good idea for a Zinger.”

The second question that frequently comes up is, why do I give out so much free information? In part, it’s because I’m trying to remain relevant in this fast paced ever-changing auto world. If not for keeping score and the love of money, I would do it all for free.

But, what it really gets down to for me is it’s about giving more. I know that in the big picture of life the more you give the more you get. Great leaders know that this is an undeniable truth of the laws of great leadership.

You get what you give. Give more and you might just get more.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs

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    thanks.Only the best to you Tommy.Have always enjoyed your pearls.

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