You’re Not Ready

You’re not ready. That’s different than being not prepared. You’re never ready. But, no one is ever ready for the next step. You’re not ready for the next promotion. You’re not ready for your next store. Just because you’re not ready doesn’t mean you don’t prepare.

Not being prepared means you haven’t studied enough. You haven’t read enough. You haven’t sought the right mentors. You haven’t listened enough. You haven’t asked enough of the right questions. You haven’t explored the Internet enough.

Not being prepared means you just haven’t done enough.

That’s so different than not being ready. Because you’re prepared I’d give you a chance. I’d say yes. I’d say let’s go, we can do this. That’s all I’m gonna say,Tommy Gibbs


1 thought on “You’re Not Ready

  1. Tommy,
    Look forward to you being here on Monday, I just read where you officiated College Basketball, I too was a man of the stripes in the NCAA, on the womens side for 15 years. Anyway, I look forward to the much needed knowledge you will bring to our dealership here in Ashland,KY. Safe Travels and God speed!

    Greg Stevens
    Superior Chrysler Dodge Jeep
    Ashland,KY 41101

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