It’s Pretty Good, Isn’t It?

Business has been pretty good hasn’t it? If you have access to the financial statement take a peek at your net profit to sales percentage. Are you in the 4 to 6% range? If you’re only in the 2% range, you could be in trouble when business starts to go south.

Historically in this business dealers make the most money when they are coming off of tough times. That’s easy to understand. When things get tough dealers tighten up on expenses and get back to basics.

Thus when the worm starts to turn, dealers rock the bottom line for a short period of time. But as we all know, the better business gets the sloppier we get.

It’s been very good for a number of years now. So, where are you? Are you letting things get out of hand? Are you making money in spite of yourself?
Is it the market or is it you that’s making it happen?

Ask these questions of yourself:

1. Have you dissected every expense on the expense page?
2. Do you have too many people in the wrong places and not enough in the right places?
3. Is your selling system the selling system you think
you have?
4. Are you evaluating every trade that you don’t make?
5. Are you holding a daily “save-a-deal meeting?”
6. Are you doing a trade walk?
7. Are you utilizing my “life cycle management process?”
8. Are you evaluating all the wholesale pieces to see if they have life in them?
9. Do you have a photo booth and is your website the best it can be?
10. Have you shopped your own dealership? Have you shopped CarMax?
11. Do you hold your staff accountable?
12. Can you shorten your selling process?
13. Are you using vAuto to buy and price your units correctly?
14. Do you have the right staff that’s getting daily coaching & training?
15. Are you still doing business the same way you did 10 years ago?
16. What’s the turnaround time for a used car from the time you own it until the time it’s ready for the line?
17. Are you leading the way or are you talking the way?
18. Are you mining your customer base for nice used cars?
19. Are you relying on packs to save your gross profit?
20. Are your pay plans old, outdated and not in tune with today’s market?
21. Is your volume and gross going up or down?
22. How many turns a year are you getting with your used inventory?
23. Are you tracking ROI/GAP?
24. Are you forecasting or “hopecasting?”
25. When was the last time you let Tommy Gibbs help coach you?

These are great questions you should be asking yourself. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs