Funny, Funny

If you read Automotive News and other related publications then you know the value of used cars has started to head south. 

For some of you it’s no laughing matter. And for some of you, you’re sitting there with a smile on your face. You might even be using the secret code LOL.

Those that are smiling are smiling because they have the disciplines in place to make sure units don’t go over 60 days. Others are frowning because they have a lot of stuff sitting out on the used car lot way over 60 days.

They know they have a ton of water and with values dropping the water is moving up to flood levels. Might be panic time.

It’s very, very simple. If you are turning your inventory then you don’t really care what happens in the market. That’s because you’re always buying and selling in the same market.

Think about it; if you have units in stock that are aged, then you are not in today’s market. There are other dealers bringing those same units in the inventory today, for less money than you have in yours.

And, they can sell them for less and make more money than you can.

Kinda funny ain’t it? That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs