Are You Prejudiced?

Every human holds certain prejudices. We’d like to think we don’t, but we’re only human.

The type of prejudice I’m talking about is how you treat certain customers. Yes, I know this is pretty deep, but it’s something you should be very concerned about.

On the one hand, you have some customers that you roll out the red carpet for. You treat them like gold (which you should do for all) and you even give them special discounts or coupons from time to time when it’s not even necessary.

Sometimes the ones that you treat the best are the ones that only come to see you once every 6 months or so. With this un-loyal customer you do everything in your power to get them in and out of your shop as soon as possible and often give them a free car wash. In the end, these customers are not all that loyal to you and will drop you in a heartbeat for a cheaper deal down the street.

Then there’s another customer, a very loyal one that you don’t treat quite as well. It pains you to give them a discount and you will often send them to the back of the service line.

No free car wash for these customers. If anything, you look for a way to charge them more, let alone serve them up discount coupons. The hours per RO with these customers is more than twice what it is with the others. What’s funny about this customer is they wouldn’t think of doing business with anyone but you. They are loyal to you beyond belief, but you treat them like crap.

Let me introduce you to these two customers that you show prejudices to every day.

Meet your retail customer and your used car department. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs