A Dozen Reason Why You Haven’t Hire Tommy Gibbs…

1. He’s too expensive. OMG, OMG, you gotta be kidding me. Come on Einstein, do the math. How many managers do you have? How many stores do you own? I come to you. No one misses days from work hanging out in Las Vegas learning stuff that “stays in Vegas”. I train all your managers. There is only one definition for the word all. Would you sell more used cars if your new car manager and your service manager had a better understanding of the used car business? Well imagine that!

2. I can’t find the time. For real, really, you can’t find the time? You don’t have time to change your used car business and make a bunch of money? You’re right, you don’t have time.

3. I want to wait until the Summer is over. So let’s see, that would mean maybe early September…no wait, maybe sometime in October. Oh, let’s stretch it ’till November. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. That way you can prolong your agony. Makes total sense to miss the selling season. I’m grinding my teeth.

4. Tommy was just here two years ago. Well, well aren’t we the king of “stuff don’t evaporate.” Look, I’m a genius, but as well as your team might be disciplined there’s naturally going to be some evaporation of processes. The longer you wait the more processes evaporate and the more complaining you can do.

5. I’ve got an old dog and he doesn’t want to learn new tricks. (Please work with me and assume he, him can mean she, her.) So, how are those old tricks working out for you? Frustrating isn’t it? But you’re loyal to him. He’s loyal to you. So why bother? It may be time to take that one more shot, show him some new tricks and if he can’t or won’t perform the new tricks then walk him outside and park him on the porch.

6. I’ve got a new guy and I want him to get settled in first. Great idea, that way he can develop some bad habits that you will never be able to break. It’s always more fun to hit them upside the head with a 2 by 4 after they have a bunch of bad “brain muscle memory” going on.

7. I’m waiting ’till we get rid of these over aged units before I hire him. So, how much money do you think you’re gonna lose screwing around with those aged units? Suppose I had some brilliant ideas on how to help maneuver you through those land mines? Nah, go ahead and take those losses so you can keep complaining.

8. Some of Tommy’s ideas are too far out in left field. Really? The view from out here is pretty good. I see all and know all. You might want to come join me and get a view of what the future looks like.

9.We’re making a lot of money doing it our way even though the used car department keeps losing money. So, let me see if I have this right. You’re making a lot of money, used is losing money and you see no need to fix used so you can make any more money? Ok, got it. Keep doing what you’re doing.

10. I make a lot of money in new cars, parts and service, why should I worry about selling more used cars? Duh, did it ever pop into your brain that if you get stronger in used that you would sell even more new, more parts and more service? Nah, why bother, you’re doing just fine.

11. Tommy can’t teach me anything in a half-day workshop I don’t already know. Hmm, you know that might actually be true, but I can teach you a lot of cool stuff you aren’t doing. Knowing and doing are two totally different things.

12. I already get Tommy’s newsletters and learn all the stuff I need to know for free. Makes total sense. I get it. Why bring me in to get all your people jacked up about the potential you have for making lots of money in used cars? You can get all the motivation and enthusiasm you want by reading my stuff. I’m a far better writer than I ever thought. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs