Leaders Take Risk…

I’ve always loved the car business. Ok, well maybe not always. When growing up in Richmond, VA my dad always had dirt lots, little used car lots and he always struggled, but he was always able to grind it out. I think grinding it out is ingrained in me, but as a young man the last thing I ever wanted to be involved in was the car business.

After college and teaching and coaching for a couple of years I found my way into the car business and the love and passion continues to grow. I love a lot about the car business and especially the people who are in in.

What I love most today is the exciting changes taking place. Some people fight change. I like stirring it up. I like making you think. I like making myself think…what are the possibilities? What’s the next cool twist? What’s the next brilliant idea?

Real leaders are always searching, always digging, always asking the question, what’s next? They want to be the lead, not the follow. Sure being a leader, leading the pack, leading the team, leading the industry has risk. Real leaders are willing to take the risks, because they know in the end they win. Isn’t winning what it’s all about?

Sonic Automotive is winning. Sonic Automotive is leading. Sonic Automotive is taking Risk. If you haven’t read this article you should. SONIC ARTICLE. That’s all I’m gonna say.