Your World Is About To Change

Finally a new and exciting selling process is introduced. It has 6 amazing steps:

1. Sell Yourself-You can’t sell a car until you make a friend. Selling yourself can be confusing to some. It’s really very simple. The more you take an interest in the other person the more they will like you. The more you take an interest in the other person the more you will learn about them. Some call it “fact-finding,” some call it “qualifying.” Call it what you want, but remember you don’t sell yourself by talking about yourself. You sell yourself by asking the right questions and listening.

2. Sell the House-How much are you and your staff talking about your dealership during the selling process? Are the key points about what your dealership is all about being put on the table. What are your defining principles? What’s the history and culture of your dealership?

3. Sell the Product-Never in the history of the car business has it been so important to know your product. Are you constantly reviewing product knowledge? When was the last time you did a walk-around presentation? Do you and your sales staff walk the lot and know your inventory from one end to the other? Does the team know as much as the customers know about the benefits and features of each model? Do you and your team do a lot walk each week to review each and every vehicle in stock?

4. Write the Best Deal You Can-Even if you’re a one price dealer, the deal still has to be presented. Even ridiculous offers need to be served up. Once a person puts their name on the dotted line they are much more likely to adjust their thinking as you present a counter offer.

5. T.O.-the Golden Rule should be “never let a customer leave without checking with a manager first.” It’s the most fundamental of all selling processes. Sales would increase another 10 to 20% if this fundamental process was followed.

6. Follow Up-the mentality should be follow them till they buy or die.

So there you have it. The most amazing selling system ever invented, which by the way was the selling system I was introduced to back in 1972. Has the business changed? Of course it has. Do we shape the selling system a little differently today? Of course we do.

But the fundamentals of the business never change:
1. Sell Yourself
2. Sell The House
3. Sell The Product
4. Write The Best Deal You Can
5. T.O. The Customer
6. Follow Up

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs