You Can Do It Safely

I realize this may not be a fit for some of you. And yes, there are some who believe this is old school, old fashioned and outdated.

But, there are some who can make this work. And if it helps someone sell a few more units, I can handle a little criticism.
Memorial Day is just around the corner.

Consider Having An Onsite and Online Tent Sale:

1. Put the tent up as close to the road as possible. Pick the best strategic position on your lot.
2. Put tables and chairs at least 6′ apart in the tent & use plastic or plexiglass partitions to separate people.
3. Put ALL of your people in the tent.
4. Work all deals in the TENT!
5. Hang banners from the TENT saying “TENT SALE.”
6. Hang banners that say Social Distancing in Play.
7. Banners that say, Get Tent Sale Prices Online.
8. Offer free masks.
9. Make sure everyone is wearing a mask.
10. Lots and lots of spiffs for your salespeople and managers.
11. Send out memos and emails to all employees explaining in detail what’s going to be happening.
12. Rope off special parking for customers. Hire an off duty police officer or security guard to direct them.
13. Answer the phone XYZ Dealership Tent Sale in Progress.
14. Do a fundraiser at the same time for the local little league, homeless shelter, or whatever.
15. Post the event on your website.
16. Do an email blast to all your customers advising them of the sale. If your CRM system is sophisticated enough make sure you tell them you need their specific trade and will pay top dollar for it during the sale.
17. Giveaways generally don’t do much except cause people to show up to get their gift and leave, but having people register for a free car is a good way to get info on them when they show up. Pick out a $1000 or $2000 car and give it away.
18. Along that same line, give the salesman who registers the winning ticket some sort of prize. Gift card, $200, whatever floats your boat.
19. Make up a bunch of signs like real estate signs that say “Tent Sale in Progress” and “Social Distancing in Play.” Put along the grass in front of the dealership.

It’s not complicated and it’s not expensive. You just have to be creative. People need to know you’re back in business.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs