Woud You Have Fire Him?

You may have heard the story about USC head football Steve Sarkisian’s bad behavior and profane language at a team function this past weekend. (Not his first offense.)

His team was 9-4 last year and is ranked No. 8 in preseason polls. At this point he has not been fired and probably won’t be.

Often in the automobile business we tolerate bad management/bad behavior because they produce. Actually, what we tolerate is horrible leadership. Dealers will often look the other way and justifying doing so because they have a hotshot manager that is producing.

Without a doubt having productive management is important, but at what risk? At the risk of destroying the culture you’re trying to create and even worse a potential lawsuit.

I fired a lot of great talent over the years. People who could really get it done. It wasn’t worth the heartburn. It wasn’t worth all the crap. It wasn’t worth destroying the morale by keeping them around.

I would have fired Coach Sarkisian. Would you? That’s all I’m gonna ask? Tommy Gibbs