Do Simple Better

Joe Maddon at one time managed the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s in his first year at the helm of the Chicago Cubs. If you follow baseball you know what a storied and losing history the Cubbies have. They are currently having one of their best years ever and stand a good chance of making the playoffs.

Maddon is a bit of a strange duck. Some would call him eccentric and for sure an out of the box thinker. He does a lot of weird and interesting things with the way he manages the team.

His theme this year is “Do Simple Better.” When you break our business down, more often than not what makes or breaks a dealership is the ability to “Do Simple Better.”

Here are 5 simple things that maybe you can do better.

1. Early Intervention-you can’t manage activity by staring at your computer screen. Get up move around. Look for trouble. Trouble meaning a deal is getting screwed up before it even has a chance.

2. Improve Your Selling Processes-odds are the evaporation factor is chasing you like a base runner caught in a rundown. Pay attention. Get on it. Stop the evaporation.

3. Don’t Short Cut Your Appraisals-Take your time. Look for a way to make it happen. Do it right. Get it right.

4. Speed It Up-It takes too much time to get your used vehicles through service. Find the bottleneck. Fix the bottleneck. You can do better.

5. Listen More-Take someone to lunch. Someone you would never take. Listen to them. Amazing the things you might learn.

Make your own list.

Do simple better. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs