What’s You Argument?

I like a good argument once in a while. Maybe argument is too strong of a word. How about a good old fashioned, get down in the mud debate?

I would venture to say that 50% of all dealers have units over 60 days old with little or no discipline regarding keeping units past 60 days old.

I would further guess that there’s another 25% of dealers who say they are on 60 days, but really aren’t. They say they are, but they have units over 60 days old.

There’s another group of dealers, about 25%, who have amazing discipline and never have any units over 60 days old. They have been where that other 75% currently are. Yep, they have been there and done that and won’t ever go back to having units over 60 days old.

Let me remind you that when you hear me say 60 days old that it’s never about dumping units at 60. It’s about finding a retail buyer. So here’s the argument I’m looking for.

Why do you have units over 60 days old?

What’s your reason and justification for doing so?

If you’re a believer in doing so, can you prove to me it’s making you money?

I like a good argument. Bring it on. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs