What Do You Do At Halftime?

Games are often won and lost based on what happens at halftime. Teams practice all week utilizing stats, videos and scouting reports to come up with the perfect game plan. Even with all that effort, it’s the adjustments they make at halftime that will often determine their fate.

It’s halftime for you. The year is half over. What adjustments are you going to make?

Some of you have had a great first half. Some of you, not so much.

Some of you have been scoring touchdowns.

Some of you have been fumbling the ball.

Something has been holding you back. There may be some legitimate excuses, but maybe you just had the wrong game plan in place. Maybe you had a bad scouting report or maybe there have been some surprises along the way.

Just because you had the wrong plan or something happened that you weren’t expecting, doesn’t mean it’s too late to fix it. It’s halftime. You can fix it. You’ve still got 6 more months to go.

Those of you who have had a good first 6 months need to be cautious of becoming complacent. Even though things have been going well, you would be very smart to review how you can make things better as you tackle the second half.

Well-coached, disciplined teams have a “put away” mindset. They know how to run the table. You should be thinking about running the score up.

Everything we do is about choices. You can choose to let things be as they are or you can choose to dial it up a notch or two.

To do so means to review your plan and the strategies you have in place and make the changes that are necessary to get you where you know you need to go.

Your other choice is to make no adjustments at halftime. Go sit in your office and stare at the wall. Enjoy your seat because in a flash the game will be over.

Many a talented team didn’t win the game because they didn’t make the right adjustments at halftime. It’s halftime. Let the adjusting begin. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs