Walking The Walk

We in the automobile business make a big deal out of processes. With very few exceptions most would agree the dealerships with the best processes make the most money.

What I find so interesting is that even though we know this to be true, our processes are often left to the interpretation of managers who may or may not even believe in the stated processes.

Frequently, the leader has the processes in his/her head and they may even be written down somewhere, but it’s not a point of focus on a daily basis. Without a doubt, processes need to be refined, coached, discussed and recommitted to each and every day.

When you apply and focus on your processes your organization becomes a powerful operating machine. When things are simple they become efficient and your profits go up.

Aside from having great people, can we agree that processes are the most powerful tool in your arsenal of improving your business? If that’s even close to being true why is there so little focus on spreading the process message?

Some questions to answer:

1. Do you have documented processes?
2. Do the members of your team know the processes as well as you do?
3. Do you sell the processes as part of daily coaching activity?
4. Do you know who the believers and non-believers are?
5. Is it time to revise your processes?
6. Is it time to have a “process revival?”
7. Is it time for you stop talking the talk and start walking the walk?

That’s all I’m going to ask, Tommy Gibbs