Too Smart?

Could it be that you’re too smart for the car business? No really, I’m convinced that some people are just too smart for this business.

I’m not going to deny that to be in the business today requires a much higher degree of thinking and intellect than it did 30 years ago.

But, there are some people who over-analyze, over-think, over-chart, over-spreadsheet to the point where they forget we’re in the car selling business.

One of the best dealer operators I ever met would take a chance, throw it against the wall and bam, lots of cars got sold.

He didn’t overthink it. He just went for it. Oddly enough he was right more often than not and he didn’t need a spreadsheet to tell him to “let ‘er fly.”

I love being around smart people. I always learn something from them. Sometimes I learn what not to do as much as I learn what to do.

Don’t overthink it. Just sell cars. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs