Is There A Bully In The Room?

Yep there is. And, you know who he/she happens to be. But, you keep them around because they are productive. Nobody wants to work with them. If anything people avoid working with them. Sales people don’t want to work with them. The office staff avoids them and the service department cringes when they show up.

But, you let them hang around. They have some skills you’ve found useful over the years. Skills that are no longer serving the team and the organization well today in today’s market.

You won’t get rid of them because you feel a sense of loyalty for all they’ve done for you over the years. You’re loyal to them. They aren’t loyal to you or they would have sense enough to know that their bullying creates a divide for the team.

The longer you let the bully stay in the room, the uglier the room will become. The uglier the room becomes, the more people will leave the room. The more people leave the room, the harder it is for you to build a winning team. The harder it is to build a winning team, the more your culture will erode.

Enjoy your bully in the room. That’s all I’m gonna say,Tommy Gibbs