The Green New Deal

For years now many of you have been in denial about what the new green deal is all about. Some of us have been cheering it on loud and clear, but still, many just don’t “get it.” You have fought it and fought it, and told those of us who cheered it on that we were stupid, we’re idiots, and it will never fly.

Then the pandemic hit and you were like, “Hey, charging full window sticker and being a one-price dealer ain’t so bad.”

You have finally come around and said, “All this green cash going in my pocket is pretty cool.” Some of you have even become a little humble and said, “Man, I wish we had done this long ago,” or “I hope we never go back to the old way again.

Have you ever made this much money on new cars? No

Have you ever made this much money on used cars? No

Have you ever made this much money in F&I? No

Have your CSI scores ever been better? No

Have your sales and management staff ever been happier? No

You’re riding the fat green wave wagon. A few of you are hitting a little bump in the road occasionally and slipping back into your old ways. Fortunately for you, the law of supply and demand pushes your butt back up into the buckboard and you chug along, smile, and keep counting the greens.

My fear is that you will bump your head, amnesia will kick in, and you’ll think the good old days are the good old days.

For the good of our children and grandchildren, we know we need to stay with this new green deal.

Enjoy the new green deal and remember I told you one price was the way to go long before the pandemic told you so.  That’s all I’m gonna say.