It’s not about stealing stuff. It’s about stealing time. How much time in a given day is stolen by the sales team? How much time is being stolen by the entire staff? Totally stolen?

Would you fire someone if you caught them stealing? Stealing time is the same as stealing stuff.

Most sales people wait on maybe 3 people a day. How much time does that take? What happens to the rest of their day? Are they being productive with the rest of their time?

Think about what a good deal it is to be a sales person today. Sales people have very little money invested and yet they have millions of dollars of inventory at their disposal.

They have a free receptionist, a great prospecting CRM management system to work with, free computers, and free training. And, all sorts of support from BDCs to delivery coordinators. Not a bad gig, yet there’s a lot of productive time being stolen.

One of the basic premises in Bruce Tulgan’s book, “It’s Ok To Be The Boss,” is if you go into a restaurant and get bad service from the wait staff it’s not their fault. It’s management’s fault for allowing it to happen in the first place.

Same deal with you. If stealing is going on at your store, it’s not the fault of the sales person or the person stealing “time.” It’s someone in management and maybe that’s you? That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs