Should You Hire Athletes?

12 Reasons You Should Hire Athletes:

During the course of my career, I have observed that the best team members are former athletes.

Of course, that statement isn’t an absolute, but it seems that those that have competed in team sports make the best business teammates.

If someone played sports they tend to:

1. Be goal-oriented. They understand that setting goals aren’t a one-time thing. They know the goalposts are always moving and they have to dig in and push a little harder to get there.

2. They know the basics are critical for success. They know there are lots of little pieces that have to be drilled every day.

3. They know the game is always changing and they have to change their game/skill level or get left behind.

4. They don’t quit when the going gets tough. If anything, they will amp up their efforts. Being defeated isn’t in their vocabulary and they live in fear of defeat.

5. They understand staying in shape. They get the connection between their physical fitness and their mental fitness.

6. Athletes have a never-ending work ethic. Their determination to out-work the other guy is ingrained in their DNA.

7. They can lead and follow. They understand the difference, and how and when to embrace each.

8. They understand a balanced team. They know everyone isn’t going to have the same skill levels and the importance of making sure the right players are in the right positions.

9. They are hard workers. They understand that developing skills takes hours and hours of hard work.

10. They are achievers. They have a history of achievement and determination which translates well into the business world.

11. They understand time management. They know how to manage and balance their time.

12. They are resilient. They know mistakes are going to happen and adjustments have to be made. They understand true grit and grinding it out.

You’re playing in a tough game. If you have a choice, hire an athlete. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs