It’s A Contact Sport

I’m often reminded that we should remember that business is about blocking and tackling.

It’s about doing all the little basics that we know we need to stay focused on. Even more important is to remember it’s a contact sport.

It’s how you contact with your team and your customers. A head football coach realizes he can’t be successful if they are only communicating/contacting with the offensive line personnel.

The most successful coaches connect with all the members of the team. They make it a point to have “touch conversations” as frequently as possible.

If you’re in the automobile business let me suggest that you start each day in the service department having a brief chat with every technician, porter, and recon person you can find.

From there work your way through to the service advisors, parts department, administration office and lastly the sales department.

If you want to improve your ability to win, just remember it’s a contact sport.

The more you contact with your team and your customers the more you get to run up the score. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs