It’s 100% On You

If you’re the Dealer, GM or GSM and you’ve got inventory over 60 days old, it’s on you. It’s your fault. You own it, no excuses.

I cannot tell you the number of times the top dog wants to blame the used car manager for the aged inventory, grosses, etc. Really? No, no, no…it’s your fault for allowing it to happen.

Either you let them sell you on all the reasons why they should keep them, or you just weren’t paying attention. Either way, it’s on you.

There’s a retail buyer for every unit sitting on your lot. You just haven’t priced it right enough to make it go away. There are zero excuses for anything being over 60.

Here’s the real excuse; you’re not paying attention. You’re not in the game and you’re not leading anything.

You need to man-up, woman-up and stand up. Look in the mirror and be accountable. Stop blaming the used car manager. It’s on you. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs