Is Business Good?

Most would agree that the automobile business is very good these days.

When business is good we often pound our chest and become lax in paying attention to some of the more important things. When you’re generating some decent profits, it’s easy to take your eye off the target.

There’s an old saying that selling cars, which equates to gross, will hide a lot of sins.

When business is good, that’s the time to amp it up. That’s the time to dial it in. That’s the time to go for the jugular.

On a daily basis you should ask yourself:

1. Are you letting certain expenses get out of line?
2. Do you have too many people?
3. Do you have too few people? Sometimes too few is just as bad as too many.
4. Have you accepted that the average gross profit that you’re getting is all the gross profit you can get?
5. Do you have the right pay plans for today’s market? For today’s sales people and sales management?
6. Have you gotten lazy about holding people accountable?
7. 50% of your advertising dollars are wasted. Do you know which 50%?
8. Are you looking under every possible rock to find used cars to sell?
9. Have your processes started to get sloppy and evaporate?
10. Are you truly engaged in the business or are you just staring at your computer?
11. Have you put training and coaching on the back-burner?

Business is good. The worm will turn. Be ready. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs