Impact of Off-Lease Units

There’s a lot of conversation these days about a surge of off-lease cars flooding the market and hurting wholesale values.

Oh stop it! Don’t listen to all that silliness. Of course values are going down. It’s not very often that used car values go up.

Of course you have to pay attention to the market. It’s not any different today, tomorrow, this year or next year. It’s always like that.

What you should be thinking is stick to your core principles. Do those fundamental things each and every day that you know you need to do.

Do What You Know!

1. Make good decisions
2. Price them right
3. Price the problematic cars to sell faster
4. Speed your processes up
5. Be smart with high dollar used cars
6. When you miss a car, deal with it quickly
7. Don’t operate in fear
8. Do a Trade Walk every day
9. Turn units faster
10. Press your cost down

You won’t get hurt if you pay attention and do the things you know you need to do. And, do them every day. Do what you know.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs