The older I get, the more I see parallels between sports and business. Business, without a doubt, is the most competitive sport.

The most successful businesses and successful business people are always trying to score. There are some businesses and some individuals that have more money than they will ever spend, but they still try to score.

Be it good or bad, besides developing people, money is one of the main ways of keeping score. Why bother to play if you’re not trying to score?

And since you’re going to play the game, you may as well run up the score.

In all sports, you have coaches. You have a head coach, you have assistant coaches, you have position coaches, and specialty coaches.

Even Tiger Woods has a coach. The best of the best have coaches.

Here are some questions for you:

1. Who’s coaching your sales staff?
2. Who’s coaching your management staff?
3. Who’s coaching the general manager?
4. Who’s coaching the dealer/operator?
5. Who’s coaching the Owner/CEO/President?

Coaching for you and your team may come from a number of sources:

1. You go to 20 group meetings
2. You go the NADA Convention
3. You go to your State Convention
4. You go to seminars and workshops
5. You hire consultants

When you have good coaching you can run up the score.

When you run up the score you develop a winning culture.

Winning develops good coaches.

Good coaches develop good players.

The process repeats itself. That’s all I’m gonna say,Tommy Gibbs