I Win

I love winning. I love winning at anything. Sports, checkers, or the game of business. You name it and I love winning.

In last week’s newsletter I said I wanted to be sold on the logic of keeping inventory longer because used cars are hard to find.

That newsletter was written to see if someone could justify holding inventory past 45 to 60 days just because they can’t find replacement inventory.

I was very sincere when I said in the newsletter to “sell me” on the logic behind doing so.

Over 7,000 people get my newsletter each week. I get an extremely high open rate. Sometimes as much as 30%. Trust me, that’s a big number.

Now guess how many people attempted to sell me on the strategy of keeping cars longer? None. Not even one.

If you won’t try to sell me, how are you able to sell yourself and your staff? Sometimes I think someone is selling you on a bad business strategy instead of you doing what you know is the right thing.

Many of you are winning because you know turning your inventory in 45 to 60 days always wins. Yep, I win, you win, we all win when you turn your inventory. I love winning, that’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs