Has It Gotten Too Easy?

Everything I see and hear tells me the automobile business has gotten too easy.

Oh, I realize it’s never easy, but the unique set of circumstances over the last few years has either made a lot of dealers lazy, complacent and a few may have gone brain dead and have become incompetent.

Some may have developed amnesia and forgot how quickly this business can turn in another direction.


It’s easy to do easy.
It’s easy to ignore.
It’s easy to look the other way.
Easy to let slide.
We all like easy.
Anybody can do easy.
Being easy causes you to say yes, when you should say no.
Being easy causes you to take your eye off the big picture.
When you take your eye off the big picture, everything around you becomes a little fuzzier.
The fuzzier things get, the more confused you and your staff get.
The more confused you and the staff get, the more little things begin to slide.
Easy now becomes habit.
Habit becomes the norm.
The norm becomes easy.
That’s when rinse and repeat occurs. The problem is that the water you’re rinsing with is murky and dirty.
Expectations begin to drop. Lower expectations become the norm.
The little things can be hard to measure, so they are ignored.
When you focus on the little things, the performance of the team improves.
Why would you want to do easy?

Don’t do easy. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs.