Give Them What They Want

I’ve always loved complaints. I’ve always viewed complaints as an opportunity to fix something. I love fixing stuff.

When dealing with customer complaints I like to ask the customers, “What is it you want us to do to make you happy?” I try not to tell them what I’m going to do unless I already know exactly what they want.

Regardless of what they say they want, a good leadership technique is either to give them all of what they want or nothing at all.

Let’s say you have a dispute about a service bill. Always repeat what the customer has said back to them before drawing a conclusion. It’s imperative that you do so in order to ensure you fully understand the complaint and what they want you to do.

If they say they don’t think they should be charged anything and you offer up 50/50 you have just wasted your 50%.

They may very well take it, but they are still mad, they hate you and they are going to say ugly things about you and your dealership to their friends and relatives.

Give the customer everything they want or give them nothing at all.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs