Game Day

Patrick York, COO of the Gillman Companies, headquartered out of Houston, TX recently sent me the following email:

“You know what? I love Friday nights. I say that for two reasons. First, I get pumped every Friday night just like teams get pumped in the locker room before a BIG game because Saturdays are our BIG VOLUME sales days. The second reason I love Friday nights is because I get my weekly dose of straight talk and inspiration from my friend Tommy Gibbs.”

Forget about the part about Tommy Gibbs. Let’s focus on what Patrick said about getting pumped on Friday nights for the big game on Saturday.

Winning the big game on Saturday doesn’t happen because of what you necessarily do on Saturday. It happens because of what you did the week, the month and the year before you ever got to Saturday.

All the great teams, be they Automobile teams, football teams, basketball teams, or any other teams, win based on their willingness to prepare for the big game.

Yep, most people want to win, but most people don’t have the will to prepare to win. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs