Fear Your Competition?

I know what you just did when you read the title of my newsletter. You poked out your chest and said to yourself, “I’m not afraid of the competition.”
I hear ‘ya. I don’t totally believe you, but I hear you. Maybe you don’t fear them as such, but some of you become real concerned about the competition.
When the manufacturer wants to add a new point to your market you become a bit concerned. (Fear) When you hear CarMax is coming to your neighborhood you become a bit concerned. (Fear)
Fear is not really a bad thing, especially the fear of competition. Competition always makes you better. You sharpen your axe and do things better than you’ve ever done when you fear the competition.
We are raised in a competitive world. We grow up competing. Competition makes us better. Competition causes us to work harder and push ourselves to places we never thought possible. If it weren’t for competition how would we measure ourselves?
What you should fear the most is weak competitors.
Weak competitors make you lazy.
Weak competitors make you think you’re better than you are.
Weak competitors make you complacent.
Those are the competitors you need to fear. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs