Don’t Confuse Success With Perfect

Vince A
Vince Lombardi was a man in pursuit of perfection

Here’s what you have to understand, just because you are having success doing it your way, doesn’t make it perfect. Your way is not perfect. There are many ways to be successful in the car business.

Focus on new cars
Focus on used cars
Focus on both

No packs

Four square selling system
One price selling system
Do your own thing selling system
If I could…would you

Paying on gross
Paying on volume
Paying on a combination of the two
Paying a salary, plus

New car managers appraising cars
Only the used car manager appraising cars
Anybody can appraise cars

Trade walk
No trade walk

Lot walk
No lot walk

My Life Cycle Management Process
We will find a butt for every seat

Separate recon team
All cars go in the main shop

Buying cars online
Never buying cars online
Attending weekly auctions
Buying cars from the public

Separate used car sales building
Sell everything out of one building

Teams in the service department
Groups in the service department
Conventional service department

Newspaper advertising
Radio & TV
Little bit of everything

10 Photos per car
40 photos per car
100 photos per car

Charge the used car department full retail from the service department
Discount service work to the used car department
Charge a set fee to each car
Charge no recon to a used car and make it a line item

Using a menu in F&I
Not using a menu in F&I

Hiring only green peas
Hiring only experienced
Hiring anyone who can fog a mirror

And the list goes on and on.

You should want to be perfect, but you’re not. The only way to get close to perfect is to keep looking and to keep trying for perfection. If your store is making $1,000,000 a month you’re still not perfect.

There is always more to do and something to fix. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs