Decision Making

Leaders like you make decisions. That’s why you get to be the leader. You are a decision maker. That’s why you get paid the big bucks. Embrace it, love it, groove on it.  Be cool about it.

How many people in leadership positions have you observed over the years that can’t make a decision? They have to ponder every little detail. Every little “what if?” There are very few decisions that you should have to do that with. QB 1

Your training, your knowledge and your confidence should be such that you do it, get on with it and if you screw it up, you fix it and move on.

Not being able to make quick decisions would be like a quarterback walking up to the line of scrimmage and thinking, “Now let me see, what could go wrong here, maybe I should do an audible, no maybe I shouldn’t, no maybe I should, or darn I really shouldn’t, not this time, oh pooh I’ll just run the play I started out with.”

By the time a decision gets made a penalty would be called. If the quarterback did this with consistency pretty soon the entire team would lose confidence in him.

That’s what goes on when the team knows you can’t or won’t make decisions. And when you do make a decision they have no confidence in you and the failure rate goes way up.

Knock it off. Make some decisions. Know your limits, and know when to ponder the few that need pondering.

In most cases,  just “get it on,” as in “I got this.” I’ve got this and that’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs