Are You Like Gillette?

I’ve been a user of the Dollar Shave Club for the last 4 or 5 years. I got tired of getting ripped off every time I needed to replace my Gillette razor blades.

As a side note, after using their deluxe model of 6 blades for $9 a month, I switched to the doubled-bladed model for $1 a month plus $2 shipping. It actually works much better for me.

More of something isn’t always better unless of course, you can sell more cars and not hurt your average gross profit too badly.

Recently, Gillette has joined the party by selling their blades online. With shipping, their cheapest model is $7 more expensive, and their deluxe model is $12 more expensive than Dollar Shave Club.

Gillette has finally figured out:

A. That customers hate going to the store to buy razor blades.
B. That high prices are killing their volume (Hint, hint).
C. Baseball players aren’t shaving (Not really, but have you noticed how many baseball players are wearing beards these days?)

Are you going to be late to the party? Can a customer handle 95% of their transaction online? Are you utilizing electronic signatures?

As you may know, Carvana handles most of the car buying experience online. I think we’re years away before a large percentage of the buying public will be ready to do so.

I also think we’re a long way from Tesla and all electric cars being a big part of our industry. I don’t care what Volvo thinks.

But, I also believe that you need to be ready for it, before it’s ready for you. Even today, there are a lot of customers that would like to handle as much of the transaction online as possible, even if they aren’t quite ready for electronic signatures.

How much of a transaction can your customers handle online? Don’t be like Gillette. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs