Your Best Is Not Good Enough

I was standing in the airport the other day (nothing unusual about that) and I overheard one guy say to another, “Go sell something.” And he responded by saying, “I’ll do my best.”

I have some shocking news for that guy, just as I have for you. Your best is not good enough. Never has been, never will be. 

We often hear people in business and sports speak of giving 110%. Well, it’s the same deal with 110%. 110% isn’t good enough because, trust me, someone else is giving 111%. There is always someone willing to do more than you.

The fact of the matter is you can always do more. Sure, there are all sorts of excuses as to why you don’t do more, and they are just that…excuses. If you’re a sales manager and have 10 sales people working on your team I can guarantee you that if you think back over the course of the previous month, you could have helped and pushed those sales people to get one more unit each. Maybe even two units for some of them.

If you’re the dealer or general manager I’m thinking you too could be doing more. We can all do more. I kick myself at the end of every day because I know I can do more.

Maybe you got distracted, maybe you got busy, maybe you got satisfied, maybe you got sideways about something goofy and your mind went out in left field.

The Superstar players don’t get distracted. They don’t let busy beat them. They are never satisfied, and they don’t let others get them off track when they hit a wall.

You and I both know you can do more. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs.