Do You Need A Coach?

Do you struggle with staying on task? Does your team struggle with staying focused on the mission you’ve laid out for them?

Have you ever thought about having a personal coach for you and/or your team? I will tailor a coaching program to fit your needs and budget. My talent is unsurpassed as a coach of leadership skills and how to maximize your talent and the team’s talent.

Why you need me as your coach:

I teach & preach the fundamentals
I create focus
I will correct mistakes with constructive criticism
I will not let the same mistakes keep happening
I will offer positive feedback especially when things go wrong
I’m demanding of discipline
I will not let you line up wrong (as in, if you have a bad football stance, your plays will fail)
I will create accountability by reviewing the stats
I’m always learning and you will too
I will help you create plays that have a high percentage of success.
I will analyze game films, break them down and get you back on track

These are just a few reasons why you need a coach. I’m the coach you need. I can take on only a few Coaching Clients at a time. 60 to 90 days with me will open up a whole new world for you and your team. Call or email me today so we can discuss what my coaching will do for you and your team. 850-251-2310. Tommy@TommyGibbsTraining.Com