Why You and I Should Be Working Together

One of the obvious things that happens when I work with your team is that I show them what the potential is. I get everyone excited about the used car business and the positive impact it has on new, parts and service sales.

My training is designed to train and coach your entire management team, not just your used car manager. The more people within your team that “get it,” the more your numbers will improve.

Here Are Just A Few Things I Will Teach Your Team:

1. How To Become A Student of The Game-I’ll show you how to take advantage of the information that’s available about your specific market, what it means and how knowing a few key elements will get you the competitive edge.

2. How To Press the Average Cost Per Used Car in Stock Down-As simple as this may sound it’s important to understand the reasoning and method behind the madness.

3. Attacking the Ten Most Expensive Units in Stock-I’ll show you how to do it and fully explain the impact of doing so.

4. Effective Internet Pricing-It’s probably the most misunderstood dynamic in our business today. I’ll show you how to increase your volume and gross profit with a few simple tricks of the trade.

5. Speeding Up Recon-Speed matters. It matters a lot. The service issues are very fixable. Until you fix your reconditioning issues you will never maximize your full potential. I’ll create the wake-up call that you so desperately need.

6. This ain’t no Mutual Fund-I’ll show you how to manage your used car inventory as if you were a day trader. It’s all about knowing which cars make you money and which ones don’t.

7. Track GAP-GAP stands for Give-Away-Profit. I’ll show you how to track GAP. When you start tracking GAP your grosses go up.

8. C.A.R. Meeting-Stands for Cars At Risk. I’ll show you how to track your most problematic units and make them go away.

9. Life Cycle Management-My “life cycle management” process is the most powerful innovation that’s come along in the last 25 years. It will change your world forever. It eliminates wholesale losses, improves volume and gross profit.

10. Lot Walk-It’s old school and I’ll show you how to make it work for you. Old school is a very good school.

11. Appraisal Tool-Using an appraisal tool (like vAuto) will help you create accountability and track your “Look to Book.” I’ll show you and your team why “Look to Book” makes such a big difference in your bottom line.

12. Mining Your Customer Base-You know you need to buy more units from your existing customer base. I’ll show you how to do it.

13. Under-Allowance Grid-The lost art of the car business is the utilization of the under-allowance. In today”s world of consumer information you need every competitive edge that you can get.

14. SETS & SUBSETS-You’ve heard about. You know it drives traffic. Now you get to learn how to do it. And, do it right.

15. 7 Must Have Leadership Skills-I’ll break down the 7 Leaderships Skills that are imperative for your team to understand and utilize everyday.

1. Strategy
2. Articulate Your Message
3. Be Responsive
4. Empathy
5. Introspective
6. Enthusiasm Matters
7. Discipline.

If you want to increase your business then you need to increase your personal intensity. Intensity begins with you and I working together.