Why Should You Read This?

Because you like progress, you like improvement and you like money.Follow

At some point along the way I’ve had the honor of speaking to your 20 Group. I love 20 Groups. Always have. Always will.

One of the things we both know is there are dealers in your 20 group who are excelling, a handful in the middle and a few others that have their struggles when it comes to the bottom line.

My used car processes are designed to improve your used car operation and your overall bottom line. Your bottom line and your organization will only grow but so much unless you grow your leadership team. My workshop now includes a section on that very subject, “Growing Your Leadership Team.”

We’re in the final stages of testing “The Gibbs Report,” a short list of Key Performance Indicators, which will guide you to greater performance, accountability, and profitability. If you choose to hire me, I’ll provide it to you and personally monitor it for free for 60 days. Such a deal!

My processes make sense and get amazing results. My prices are based on time zones and traveling out of the country. 20 Group members get a discount. If you would like a quote hit the reply button and say so.

I don’t train just your used car manager, I train your entire management team including your service manager. Until you get your entire team on the same page not much is going to change. To understand what I do and how I do it watch the short video at the bottom of this email.

Do the math. Divide my fee by the number of managers and/or the number of stores in your group. It’s a no brainer and a great investment in your team, your business and your future.

If you’re good, I’ll make you great.
If you’re great, I’ll make you greater.

Improvement gets down to one or two things:

1. Not knowing.
2. Not doing.

I fix both. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs