Who Wants The Ball?

One of my favorite basketball drills as both a player and a coach was a drill where two players are lined up, side-by-side with the coach standing in between.

They are spaced about 10 feet apart all facing in the same direction. The coach will roll the ball on the floor and on the sound of the whistle the two players will scramble to see who can come up with the ball. Floor burns on the knees and arms are guaranteed.

One of the reasons my nose is crooked is the result of hitting someone’s head while going after the ball. But, I got the ball, broken nose and all. It’s not always about talent. It’s about wanting the ball.

In sports, business, and life you’ve got to want the ball. As a leader, one of your goals should be to have people on your team that want the ball with every ounce of their souls.

Far too often we have team members, including managers, who wouldn’t dare get a floor burn. They stand there and watch the ball roll.

You will often hear them complain that nobody will give them the ball.

If you want the ball, let it be known you want it, and then go get it.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs