Who Are The Three Most Important People?

Answer: The person answering the phone, the receptionist and your cashier. Yep, that’s who they are.

I realize phones are old fashioned, but believe it or not people still use them.

I know cashiers are going out of style, but most dealerships still have them.

And of course most dealerships have a receptionist.

Since the odds are pretty good that you have all three, you need to have the best people in those jobs that you can hire. You need to train them well and you need to pay them well.

They are the front line. They are the back line. They are key members of the team that smart leaders never overlook.

A. If you haven’t thanked them lately, then you should.
B. If you haven’t sent them to a seminar lately, then you should.
C. If you haven’t given them a raise lately, then you should.
D. If you haven’t let them know how important they are to your success, then you should.
E. If you haven’t bought them lunch lately, then you should.

If you aren’t acknowledging the three most important people in your organization, then who are you acknowledging? That’s all I’m gonna ask, Tommy Gibbs