What’s Your Relationship?

2. Your Vendors- You also have to develop a positive relationship with your vendors. You receive better service and a better price when you can relay what your needs are to your vendors. For the most part this has to be done one on one or through whatever means you communicate with them. It may be email, it may be a phone conversation, but until you communicate your needs it will be very difficult to take full advantage of their products and services.

3. Your Team-You have to have a strong relationship with your team. This is the most important of the three relationships. If you don’t have this you will never be successful at developing the other two.

Having a relationship with your team doesn’t mean you play golf every weekend with the ones you like. It means communicating often and in many cases one on one and as frequently as possible. Relationship with staff members are solidified by honesty and forthrightness. Until everyone on your team believes in you and gets on the same page it’s impossible to build successful relationships with your customers and vendors. The economy will give you perceived spurts of success, but achieving long term goals will never happen until you solidify the "team relationship."