What’s Your Message?

Great leaders are great sales people. If you’re leading then you’re selling. Selling the team is a never-ending challenge for leaders. Here are 4 key elements to help you sell your message:

1. Get Buy In-Getting buy-in requires the leader to constantly be removing doubt within the organization. There will always be doubters. Knowing who they are and winning them over is the job of leadership.

2. Share the Vision-Sharing the vision means you must constantly reinforce and repeat the message. There is no single formula for doing so. You can’t state or print it one time and it’s done. The team wants to be sold and it’s your responsibility to do so.

3. Set the Example-You have to walk the walk. Talking the talk is easy. If you’re not a believer in your own message then it will soon show up. Don’t expect others to spread the message and set the example. It’s up to you.

4. The Evaporation Factor-Understand it’s always there. Even the best disciplined teams have break-downs. Your job is to realize there will be break-downs, acknowledge them and fix them right away.

That’s my message for today. That’s all I’m gonna say,
Tommy Gibbs