What’s Your 0-7?

What if you owned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and every day you opened the paper or turned on the sports talk shows and the headline was “Fire Schiano?” As you may know Greg Schiano is the coach of the NFL football team the Tampa Bay Bucs. As I write this article his team is 0-7. If you owned the Tampa Bay Bucs would you fire him?

You may very well have your own Greg Schiano working for you right now. Why haven’t you fired him/her? Is it the fear that you could do worse? Is it the fear that you may have to work a little harder? Is it the fear of what your staff might think?

Greg Schiano may be a really good guy. Your guy may be a really good guy. How long are you willing to endure the pain of your own Greg Schiano going 0-7? Is it 0-8, 0-9 or will it be 0-10 when you finally do the right thing?

0-7 for you might be a sales person who averages 7 cars a month.
0-7 for you might be a new car manager who can’t desk a deal or take a “TO.”
0-7 for you might be a service manager who keeps running your techs and customers off.
0-7 for you might be a used car manager who just doesn’t get “turn.”
0-7 for you might be a controller who can’t work with people.
0-7 for you might be a parts manager who always has to have it his/her way.

I can’t tell you who your 0-7 actually is. You know who it is and you just won’t do anything about it.

If you have someone who is 0-7 it’s probably due to one of two reasons. (I’m stealing a Dave Anderson quote with my own little touch.) Are they stupid? In other words if they are stupid they just don’t know. If they don’t know how to do the job it’s because you haven’t taught them how and/or they don’t care enough to learn it on their own.

Or they may be ignorant, meaning they know how, but just won’t do what they actually know how to do.

I hope you’re not staring at 0-7. I doubt it because if you were that would make you stupid or ignorant. I know you’re not stupid or ignorant because you read my material.

I’m betting you know someone who’s got some 0-7 going on. You might want to give them a wake-up call by forwarding this to them. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs