What’s Important To You?

Great leaders guard what’s important. In their own special way they are anal about what’s important. As you progress through the stages of leadership what’s important to you may actually change or become refined.

Here are 4 of the top things that leaders most often conclude to be important.

1. The Team-those who they surround themselves with. I often hear top leaders say the reason for their success is picking the right people for their team. There is no denying that’s true. Picking the right people is critical but more importantly being committed to developing those people is as important if not more so.

2. Evaluating performance-there has to be a performance standard for the leader and the team. A team who is not held accountable for their performance is a team going nowhere.

3. Principles-Leaders have principles or core beliefs that they are not willing to bend on. They are smart enough to know that there are times when those principles may need adjusting, but to the core they never deviate very far.

4. Profit-is no doubt the ultimate measuring stick. As important as profit is to an organization great leaders know that how the profit is achieved is more important than the profit itself. An atmosphere of profit at any and all cost will jeopardize the company’s reputation and long-term success.

So, what are you guarding today? That’s all I’m gonna ask. Tommy Gibbs