Two Lists

One of the things I encourage dealers and managers to do in my workshops is to sort their used vehicle inventory by cost or investment, with the most expensive units at the top. Then I teach them 4 specific ways to attack their 10 most expensive units.

One of the more interesting but not surprising things we’ve observed over the years, is that if you lay your aged inventory side by side with your 10 most expensive, the two lists have a lot of the same units.

Another fact is that the longer a unit stays in your inventory, the less gross and the less ROI you make.

You would think the more money you have tied up in a unit, the more money you would make. If you actually think that, you would be wrong.

Adding to that problem is another well-known fact that the longer the more expensive units sit, the worse the ROI is going to be.

So go ahead and lay your two lists side by side and validate what you already know.

Here’s one final fact. We often know things, but look the other way. When you look the other way, you’re just being stupid. Don’t be stupid. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs