Too Much-Too Little?

As leaders, we often struggle with too much or too little. Let’s just talk about the too much part, realizing there’s also the too little part.

Too many meetings
Too many expenses
Too many processes
Too much data
Too much pressure
Too much fun
Too much tracking
Too many sales people
Too much inventory
Too much software
Too much discipline
Too many managers
Too much advertising
Too many aged units (Any aged unit is too many)
Too much family
Too many days in recon
Too much time in F&I
Too many excuses
Too many decisions to make

We all have these struggles. I’m struggling with sending you too many newsletters.
I now send two a week.
Maybe I should send one?
Or maybe just one a month?
Or maybe none?

Yep, we all have decisions to make.

The best leaders know when it’s too much or even too little. How do they know? They just know. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs