The Word “I”

I’ve never understood why some people in leadership positions want to make it all about “I.” Really good leaders will avoid the “I” word like the plague.

How hard is it to insert the words like we, us, they, our team, etc.?

Real leaders get it. They only use the word “I” when it’s absolutely necessary or when they are taking responsibility for something that hasn’t gone well.

It’s not unusual to hear a manager say something like, “I” sold 200 units last month or I had a record month or I’m going to sell 300 this month. Really? I don’t think so.

There are so many examples of the poor use of “I.”

You will often hear Presidents say things like “I” got Osama Bin Laden or I’m sending FEMA to help with the most recent hurricane. Or I’m going to send every American a check, blah, blah, blah.

There are some good uses for the word “I.”
I made a mistakeI can do betterI’m going on a dietI take full responsibility for our aged unitsI should have unloaded that used car in the first 10 daysI love you

That’s all me gonna say, Tommy Gibbs.