The Will To Prepare

Great leaders know that in order to win it takes constant preparation. They know there is no single strategy they can execute that will make the team a consistent winner.

They know and understand the need for ongoing preparation. They are constantly exploring new strategies, concepts, and ideas.

Winning in any sport requires preparation. Most great coaches will tell you the game isn’t won on game day. It’s won during the week on practice days. It’s the preparation that makes the biggest difference.

It’s a given that most people want to be part of a winning team. Winners are drawn to those organizations that are willing to pay the price with preparation. I believe there are three types of people:

1. Those who want to get better and embrace preparation.

2. Those who don’t care if they get better and will do everything they can to avoid preparation.

3. Those who are just confused and looking for someone to show them the way.

If you’re not winning as much as you would like it’s either a not knowing or a not doing issue. If you don’t know, then you need to figure it out. If you’re not doing, then you need to do it.

In either case, your will to prepare is what will put more “Ws” on the board.

Preparation breeds confidence.
Confidence creates a can-do spirit.
A can-do spirit creates momentum.
Momentum keeps the ball rolling.
Winning is constant preparation.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs